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Propolis Cream 50ml

Propolis Cream 50ml

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Propolis cream produced by the Larcher Erich beekeeping.

High-quality propolis ointment protects against dry, irritated
skin and provides relief from sunburn, herpes, acne and many others

This multifunctional ointment adapts to many needs
at. Consisting of beeswax, honey, concentrated propolis extract cares for her
stressed and dehydrated skin.

Propolis is a substance made up of countless active ingredients that
regenerating, calming, pain-relieving and antibacterial effects. It is produced by bees and consists mainly of resinous secretions that they
collect on trees, mix with saliva and wax and in the beehive
install. The chemical composition of propolis is subject to countless
Variations, but in general the many flavonoids are responsible for the valuable properties


Apply to the skin and massage in.


olea europaea fruit oil, cera alba, propolis extract,
propolis cera, tocopherol, mel, pinus pinaster twig leaf oil, pinus sylverstris
leaf oil, limonene, linalool.

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