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Mellitus cough syrup 100 ml

Mellitus cough syrup 100 ml

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Cough syrup made exclusively with honey and extracts from 5 different herbs, which children also love.

Honey has a calming effect on the mucous membranes, inhibits the growth of pathogens in the upper respiratory tract, has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the urge to cough.

Mullein relieves stubborn coughs.

Hyssop loosens the mucus in the bronchi.

Plantain liquefies the secretion in the mouth and throat and helps against hoarseness.

Thyme and sage contribute to the well-being of the mouth and nose.


Acacia honey, liquid extracts of Verbascum thapsus L., Plantago lanceolata L. folium, Hyssopus officinalis L. – Sommità, Thymus vulgaris L. – Sommità, Salvia officinalis L. folium, Oil Essencial Citrus limon (L. Osbeck) and Citrus sinensis (L. Osbeck).

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