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Sea Buckthorn Fruit Spread 220g

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Spread 220g

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Sea buckthorn fruit spread made by Fassler Hof in Niederdorf

Ingredients: sea buckthorn juice 45%, sugar, carrot juice, gelling agent agar agar

Sea buckthorn - lemon of the north, the wild plant with a high vitamin C content

The sea buckthorn is widespread as a wild plant in Europe.
Especially on the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas, but also in northern Italy and in the
It can often be found in the Alps.

In the middle of the last century, in the fruits of
Discovered the particularly high vitamin C content of sea buckthorn. But also that in
The pulp and valuable oil found in the seeds have lately
are of great importance from a medical and cosmetic point of view. For this reason
the sea buckthorn is cultivated more and more often, even if the processing of the
berries is complex and expensive.

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